The 2008 David Thompson Brigade – The Brigade Flags

When designing the the official flag for the event, I wanted to create something that would be reflective of the actual landscape and as well of the event. The end result was the incorporation all those elements within the logo and also shapes representing the sky which Thompson navigated by and the landscape the brigade would paddle through. The lower shape is meant to represent the changing Canadian landscape from the Rocky Mountains, through the Prairies, and then onto the Canadian Shield.

The original idea I proposed as a second flag was to incorporate a replica North West Company flag into the brigade. However, as it turns out, the present day North West Company failed to support the trip and failing their support, it did not seem appropriate to fly their flag, even though it was the flag used 200 years ago. It was then decided that the brigade would follow in the foot steps of the North West Company and design a flag with the initials of the brigade rather than the company.