The Travels, Explorations and Surveys of Peter Fidler

Peter Fidler

Peter Fidler aiding Philip Turnor

Since an early introduction to David Thompson, the exploration of western Canada suddenly became of interest. The next surveyor of interest was Peter Fidler, an employee of the Hudson’s Bay Company, and trained or, as some speculate, reintroduced into the craft of astronomical surveying by the Hudson Bay Company’s chief surveyor, Philip Turnor. Like Thompson, Fidler’s explorations, surveys and travels have been placed within a contemporary geographic information system and as a result, distance traveled by Fidler can be measured.

From the data captured thus far from Fidler’s movements between 1789 and 1822; the years spent while engaged in the fur trade with the Hudson’s Bay Company, the following distances have been determined . Only kilometers have been captured and listed are the watersheds that Fidler traveled through.


Distances Traveled by Peter Fidler 1789-1822

YearWatersheds TraveledDistance
Traveled (km)
1789Hayes, Nelson, Saskatchewan River and Lake Winnipeg2042
1790Saskatchewan and Churchill River1090