The Explorations and Surveys of Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser

Simon Fraser on the river that that bears his name

Simon Fraser’s explorations in British Columbia have always intrigued me. I recall the first time that I read his journals were in the early 1990`s and it wasn’t until researching Thompson’s Great Map of 1814 that I once again became interested in Fraser, specifically his 1808 journey down the river which now bears his name.

During my review of the 1814 map, I had note that the mapping of the Fraser River by Thompson was based on the survey’s of John Stuart. I realized then that Thompson must have seen the notes and survey’s performed by Stuart to have accurately mapped the river.

Curiosity of course compelled me to look more into this interesting realization. I began with researching Fraser’s exploits in British Columbia and then specifically the 1808 expedition down the Fraser River.



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